About us

We believe that people come to work not only to peruse their material goals, but as a medium for their service on this planet. They come to grow, to evolve, and to learn as much as they do to contribute and become successful

VEME is a purpose driven company: we exist to democratize media on the planet. We exist to provide a platform for the most important voices to be spoken. We provide a space where anyone with a message to share can either broadcast it directly or find an influencer to share it on their behalf

We want to break down the walls of creative expression and the limiting parameters of copyright and control of creativity, and unleash a tidal wave of content that will sweep our world into its next octave

Come join the VEME Team!

Current openings

UI / UX Designer
  • Vancouver, Canada

About our team

We are looking for the biggest hearts and brightest minds in the field of technology, media, blockchain and business to come play and redefine ‘social media’ and ‘entertainment’.

We believe that with integrity, the vehicle of social media will transform into a new form of commons that will propel our collective evolution into its next dimension.